Michelle Obama Is Launching A New Book This Fall To Cash In

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Former First Lady Michelle Obama is releasing her second book this November after her first one received outstanding reviews, critical success and a Grammy award. The book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, “offers readers a series of fresh stories and insightful reflections on change, challenge, and power,” according to a statement shared with PEOPLE.

“Drawing from her experiences as a mother, daughter, spouse, friend, and First Lady, she shares the habits and principles she has developed to successfully adapt to change and overcome various obstacles — the earned wisdom that helps her continue to ‘become,'” the statement reads.

How inspirational. The book is being criticized by those with a pre-frontal cortex as just another vague motivational book with empty platitudes that do not actually say very much of anything.

“I’ve learned it’s okay to recognize that self-worth comes wrapped in vulnerability, and that what we share as humans on this earth is the impulse to strive for better, always and no matter what,” one released section from Obama’s introduction reads.

The passage continues, “We become bolder in brightness. If you know your light, you know yourself. In my experience, this type of self-knowledge builds confidence, which in turn breeds calmness and an ability to maintain perspective, which leads, finally, to being able to connect meaningfully with others—and this to me is the bedrock of all things.”

Wow, clap clap clap. The same words can be found in any motivational/self-help book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble as it sets out to allegedly unite readers toward pathways of progress during trying times.

Does she even write her own books or I there someone to pen the cliché words in a way that doesn’t plagiarize the thousands of other books that exist saying the same thing.

Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire editor emeritus, expressed his sardonic criticism of these passages. “I know we’re all supposed to believe that Michelle Obama is a profound thinker and brilliant writer,” he wrote on Twitter, “but these sections from the introduction to her new book are absolutely insipid, warmed-over new-agey dreck.

Shapiro then likened the words to Neil Diamond’s “Turn On Your Heartlight.”