Melania Trump Is Mocked For Being Randomly Harassed By Feds

In a vicious Mean Girl op-ed last week, Los Angeles Times columnist Robin Abcarian attacked former First Lady Melania Trump, claiming she deserved to feel violated by the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.

The snotty mean girl claimed Melania was paying the price for being married to “a sticky-handed former president unable to grasp the difference between things that belong to him and things that do not.”

The bitter columnist took delight in pointing out that Melania had the lowest approval numbers of any modern First Lady, describing her as “not a particularly sympathetic figure.”

Abcarian mocked the revelations in a recent Radar Online gossip piece that Melania was furious about strangers rifling through her things, arguing that only die-hard Trump fans would “get their knickers in a knot” over that.

The upshot of her piece is Melania deserves to be violated by the FBI because the country has been violated by her husband.

In her fevered desire to see Donald Trump punished, Robin Abcarian has no problem turning her vitriol on Melania.

After recounting the recent court developments related to the Mar-a-Lago search, Abcarian closed her snotty column by arguing that the only person Melania should be angry with for the FBI rooting through her things is her husband, noting that Trump’s “acting as if he is above the law” is the reason the FBI showed up at Mar-a-Lago “in the first place.”

Nobody will ever accuse the anti-Trump resistance in the corporate news media of being mature, thoughtful people. And the Los Angeles Times, like every other news outlet in the country, is populated by spiteful, vindictive mean girls who take pleasure in their political opponents’ misfortunes while shrieking in righteous indignation when one of their own is so much as criticized.