Melania Trump Goes Dark As 2024 Speculation Swirls

( Everybody knows that Melania Trump was treated worse by the media than any other First Lady in history. Despite being a supermodel, she was never invited to appear on the cover of fashion magazines. Journalists relentlessly pressured her to leave President Donald Trump or to condemn his policies, and when she didn’t they continued to either smear or completely ignore her.

So it’s not surprising, therefore, that left-wing media outlets are now reporting that Melania Trump has gone quiet on her husband’s rumored plans to run for office again in 2024.

Left-wing Guardian reporter Arwa Mahdawi wrote on September 7 that Melania Trump “isn’t keen on Donald running in 2024” but that it “won’t stop him.”

She said that Melania Trump is “consistent” in that she displayed “zero interest in being first lady in 2016” and that she’s doing it again.

Really? Melania Trump appeared on the media plenty, appearing in interviews and talking about her husband’s positive attributes. During her time in the White House, she ran her Be Best campaign to help children with positively and enthusiasm, and during the re-election campaign she appeared and gave speeches that inspired the nation.

Was Mahdawi not paying attention? Or did she only read the newspapers that pretended Melania Trump didn’t exist?

She then referenced anonymous sources who recently told CNN that Melania has no desire to return to the White House and that if her husband does decide to run again in 2024, she will refuse to join him on the campaign trail.

CNN claims that one of the former president’s sons will likely replace his wife on the campaign trail.

At this point, however, wouldn’t Melania Trump be perfectly within her rights and take a step back? The way the media treated her was disgraceful, so why would she want to go through that again?