Melania Trump emerges to launch new NFT platform meant to ‘inspire’ — and earn cash

( Former First Lady Melania Trump is making her first foray into post-White House life, and it’s in a surprising industry.

Last week, Trump announced that she would be launching a business venture that embraces both digital art and cryptocurrency. Her new platform will sell what are known as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. These digital assets can be audio recordings or images, and ownership of them is stored on what’s known as the blockchain.

While these digital assets are relatively new, they have already provided to be extremely lucrative.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady, for instance, recently offered up NFTs for digital ownership of things such as his old cleats or college resume. There were roughly 16,000 NFTs in the collection Brady created, with each priced at $80.

When they all sold out in just a few minutes, he grossed roughly $1.3 million.

The NFT platform is connecting celebrities directly to mass audiences.

Trump’s first offering is a watercolor depiction of her “cobalt blue eyes” that is being called “Melania’s Vision.” According to her, the NFT would provide “the collector with an amulet to insure.”

Each of the NFTs she is listed costs around $187.

The former first lady also announced that in January, she would be offering NFTs in a “one-of-a-kind auction of historical importance,” which will include “digital artwork, physical artwork and a physical one-of-a-kind accessory.” Trump didn’t explain any further details.

In a statement, Trump’s office said “a portion of the proceeds” from the sales of the NFTs would assist “children aging out of the foster care system.”

Many pundits are saying that this new venture for the former first lady is yet another way for her to carefully curate her own image, while making money in the process.

Katherine Jellison, who has researched first ladies in her role as a professor of history at Ohio University, recently told The Washington Post:

“This new project in many ways says she is a true Trump. She is entrepreneurial and she wants to be center stage, in a way that she calls the shots.”

Like her husband, Melanie Trump has both big detractors and significant loyal supporters. Following the announcement of her new NFT venture, plenty of people slammed her on social media, while others praised her for her dedication to helping underprivileged children.

In her statement, Trump said:

“I am proud to announce my new NFT endeavor, which embodies my passion for the arts, and will support my ongoing commitment to children through my Be Best initiative.”

Trump launched that program while she was still first lady in the White House, and she has continued it even after leaving Washington, D.C. The focus of the initiative was improving the well-being of children, with the most famous component being a focus on ending cyberbullying.

NFTs are becoming so popular today because they are allowing artists to reach a massive potential buyer audience directly. That’s exactly what former first lady Trump is hoping to do with her newest venture.