Meghan McCain Reveals What Joe Biden Is Really Up To

( Meghan McCain, who gullibly fell for Joe Biden’s campaign message that he would “restore the soul of America” is suffering from a little buyer’s remorse and it’s giving her a sadz.

Meghan is shocked to discover that the nasty, vicious, divisive 50-year career politician turns out to be the same guy today as he was in 1973 when he first came to Washington.

On Monday, Meghan penned an op-ed at the UK Daily Mail where she expressed her disappointment and inadvertently acknowledged her naïveté.

Meghan recounts how Biden repeatedly campaigned on being the “antidote to the divisive chaos of the Trump years” and how he promised to be the president for all Americans.

Now, people who paid even glancing attention to Joe Biden’s political career knew Biden’s promises were garbage. But for Meghan, the fact that Biden isn’t doing what he promised comes as a big shock.

She notes that America is “becoming a worse place to live, work, and raise our children.”

Again, anybody who had any understanding of Joe Biden is not surprised that he is a failure, but Meghan McCain missed it completely.

She recounts how Biden promised “freedom from COVID” on Independence Day. And now, the clueless Meghan realizes it was “little more” than a photo-op.

Meghan could’ve saved ink if she just wrote “I’m not very bright.”

McCain chronicles Biden’s plummeting poll numbers and the seismic shift in party affiliation from Democrat to Republican and concludes that Democrats “are bleeding voters.”

Then the woman who gullibly fell for Biden’s promises scolds people on the left who refuse to believe “seasoned political analysts” who know why and how America has become a disaster under Biden.

How did Meghan miss the “seasoned political analysts” who argued before the 2020 election that Biden would be the very failure he is?

Then McCain, who repeatedly referred to candidate Biden as “the grief whisperer,” addressed Biden’s divisive, mean-spirited, vitriolic speech in Georgia last week, calling it “disheartening.”

It was “disheartening” only for the dopes who fell for his campaign promise to “restore the soul of America.” The people who didn’t fall for that claptrap weren’t in the least surprised by Biden’s vicious speech.

Then, to confirm that she is still just as naïve as she was in 2020, McCain turned her attention to the Democrats’ plan to kill the filibuster, noting that Sinema and Manchin aren’t the only Senate Democrats who don’t want to end the filibuster. She claims Senators Jon Tester, Mark Kelly, Maggie Hassan, and Jeanne Shaheen are also “signaling” that they don’t support killing the filibuster.

Yeah, Meghan was wrong … again.

Tuesday, the Senate voted on killing the filibuster rule and only two Democrats voted to keep it – Senators Manchin and Sinema. Every other Democrat, including the ones Meghan named, voted to kill it.

The biggest takeaway from Meghan’s op-ed is that nobody should take her political analysis seriously.