Matthew McConaughey Says He Won’t Let Being Drugged And Assaulted Hurt Him

In his memoir “Greenlights” which was released last October, actor Matthew McConaughey revealed that he had been blackmailed into having sex when he was only fifteen and was later drugged and molested by a man when he was eighteen.

And in a recent interview, McConaughey touched on those two incidents, saying he would not let those experiences make him afraid of being in a relationship.

In a recent appearance on the podcast “The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet,” McConaughey described the blackmail experience as “an aberration” and said he would not be afraid of relationships just because that was his first sexual experience.

“I’m not going to let it beat me,” he said.

The actor said that he wouldn’t lose his trust in people or think he is incapable of having “a healthy relationship” because of his past. At the same time, McConaughey said he wasn’t denying that what happened to him was traumatic or “ugly.” But he chose not to carry that “baggage” in his life and let it affect how he treats people.

In the interview, McConaughey described what happened to him at 18, saying while in Australia, he had been drugged and put into the back of a van where he was molested.

McConaughey admitted that he never sought therapy to deal with the traumatic events. Instead, he surrounded himself with supportive friends and mentors who helped him heal.