Massive EXPLOSION – 39 Homes Involved!

( At least three individuals were killed, and at least 39 residences were damaged in a mysterious explosion that was captured on film late on Wednesday night and entirely leveled a house in Evansville, Indiana.

Reports show the origin of the enormous explosion was not immediately apparent. According to a spokeswoman for the Evansville Fire Department, CenterPoint, a gas and electric provider, did not detect any gas when it arrived on the site. Eleven of the impacted homes, the representative continued, will be uninhabitable.

At a press conference, Fire Chief Mike Connelly indicated that additional victims could be discovered while the search goes on. They haven’t given up hope that there are still live victims and claim they are not done looking. He explained that the initial damage assessment shows that 39 properties have been damaged from either severe to moderate damage. The structures are not yet safe to enter.

The Evansville Police Department issued a statement saying their prayers are with those directly connected with the explosion that occurred. The police department asked that people prepare an alternate route since the area would be closed for the foreseeable future. The mayor of Evansville, Lloyd Winnecke, went to the site alongside emergency personnel. Winnecke took photos and posted them on Facebook.

Nearby residents and business owners reported feeling shaking when the explosion occurred. Vincent Taylor told local media that he heard the explosion and saw debris falling from the sky as he was working on the roof of a home two blocks away. Moments later, according to Taylor, he arrived on the site and found complete destruction. He explained to local media how awful the situation looked when he saw homes that were destroyed entirely.

Officials claimed that except for a few pets, most of the residences in the area were empty when the explosion occurred. Eight different agencies were seen on-site, and an arson inquiry had been opened.