Martin Sheen “Regrets” Changing His Name

( In a recent interview, actor Martin Sheen said he regrets changing his name from Ramon Estevez to Martin Sheen.

The 81-year-old actor told “Closer Weekly” that one of his regrets was adopting a stage name at a young age, saying he didn’t know any better. Sheen blamed the decision on his lack of courage “to stand up for what you believe in.”

And while he still goes by Martin Sheen, he expressed relief that he never legally changed his name. His birth name appears on his passport, driver’s license, and marriage license.

Frankly, he should have more regret over inflicting on the American people an administration populated by people who think Sheen’s show “The West Wing” was a tutorial on how to govern.

Sheen said his son, actor Emilio Estevez was also told by his agent to change his name to Sheen as well, but refused to do it thanks to his father’s influence. “And I thank God he didn’t,” Sheen added.

If he regrets it so much, why does he still use the name, Martin Sheen? He could always change it back to Ramon Estevez.

Lots of actors change their names. We’ve all seen movies starring Maurice Joseph Micklewhite or Archibald Alec Leach. Only we know them as Michael Cain and Cary Grant. Natalie Hershlag didn’t become a household name, but Natalie Portman did.

It’s likely Martin Sheen’s regret stems from his guilt over agreeing to take a more Anglo-Saxon name and reject his Spanish father’s name.

But he shouldn’t worry. While he rejected his Spanish name, Jerry Rivers took on the name Geraldo Rivera thereby restoring balance to the universe.