Majority Of Republicans Think Robert E. Lee Should Have A Statue And Memorial

( A new poll shows that 64% of Republicans believe that we should have statues or memorials of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Most Democrats believed that we should not.

The YouGov poll surveyed 1000 U.S. adult citizens categorized by political party, gender, age, region, etc. The first question asked respondents, “Do you think the actions of historical figures should be judged more by the standards of their time, or by the standards of today?”

80% of Republicans believed that historical figures should be judged by the standards of their time, with 52% Democrats agreeing, marking a near 30% difference.

Keeping statues or memorials of other historical figures in public places were also surveyed and show further divide. When asked about Jefferson Davis, the first and only president of the Confederate States, 57% of Republicans said we should have statues compared with only 19% of Democrats.

Our founding fathers faired a little bit better. While 81% of Republicans believe we should have statues of Thomas Jefferson, only 52% agreed, with the remainder saying we should not or that they were not sure. George Washington received greater support from Republicans and Democrats, with 84% and 66%.

Confederate statues, and statues commemorating historical figures in general, have been a contentious issue in the U.S., peaking in 2020 when the Black Lives Matter riots erupted across the country. In one instance, a Thomas Jefferson statue was torn down and defaced. Another Jefferson statue was removed from City Hall in New York City. A George Washington statue in NYC was also desecrated with red paint.

After a series of what CNN called “peaceful protests,” confederate statues were removed across the country. Even Christopher Columbus was not exempt from these attacks. Last year, President Joe Biden rescinded former President Trump’s executive orders protecting American statues and monuments, including Trump’s proposed “National Garden of American Heroes.”

But political figures aside, we might have bad news for fans of the King of Rock.

While there are stark differences between Republicans and Democrats, the YouGov poll showed there to be near complete agreement over whether we should have statues or memorials of Elvis Presley, with Republicans and Democrats answering 45% to 44% in favor respectively. Just over 30% from each party said that we should not and 20% wasn’t sure.
Needless to say, Elvis has left the building, along with just about every other American hero.