Majority Of Americans Support Death Penalty

( According to a new poll from Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans support the death penalty despite having some concerns about the way it is administered. The poll showed that some 60% of American adults support capital punishment for anybody convicted of murder.

Out of those 60 percent, 27 percent “strongly” support capital punishment.

Compared to the 39% of Americans who oppose the death penalty entirely, it’s a pretty significant number and one that shows this form of punishment and justice isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

Interestingly, the poll found that political party or ideological leaning plays a significant role in determining whether a person supports the death penalty or not. For instance. 77% of Republicans who responded to the survey supported the death penalty, while only 46% of people who are Democrat or lean Democrat support the death penalty.

Isn’t it just so typical of the Democrats to generally oppose strict punishment for horrific crimes? If that wasn’t obvious already, then Vice President Kamala Harris’ support of a bail fund for far-left rioters who caused billions of dollars of damage in last year’s riots should have proven it. And now, this survey…

23 states have already abolished the death penalty, with Virginia being the most recent. The state only changed its policy on capital punishment in March of this year, and big decisions like that typically aren’t reversed quickly or easily. It’s another example of Democrats getting their way despite pushing police agendas that are unpopular with the majority of the American public.

The new poll revealed that 78% of Americans have some level of concern about the death penalty resulting in innocent people being sentenced to their death, and some 56% of Americans suggested that they believe Black Americans are more likely to be sentenced to death than White Americans. It’s unclear, however, whether those people think that Black people are more likely to commit crime or whether there is some inexplicable systemic racism occurring within the justice system.

The poll also revealed that some of those who support the death penalty do so because they think it is right, but not because it prevents crime, as some 63% of respondents said that they do not believe that the penalty deters crime.