Majority Of Americans Now Think Cheating Impacted The 2020 Election

( According to a recent Rasmussen Reports paper commissioned by The National Pulse, most Americans think there will be fraud in the next midterm elections. The study also provided startling proof that many Americans feel that fraud marred the outcome of the 2020 election.

The likelihood of “widespread cheating that will impact the outcome of this fall’s congressional elections” is very likely by 24% of potential American voters, who make up 50% of the population. According to the research, only 22% of people believe cheating won’t impact the November midterm elections.

When asked which is more important: Making voting more straightforward for everyone or ensuring there is no election fraud? Only 38% said they want to make voting easy for everyone, with a whopping 59% indicating they would instead concentrate on eliminating election fraud.

The announcement comes as Republicans call for increased security measures and Democrats work to make universal, unverified voting a central component of their program. After the addition of private and corporate funding and the implementation of unattended, unprotected mail-in “drop boxes,” the results of the 2020 election are still hotly contested.

Fifty-two percent of probable U.S. voters believe there is at least a remote chance that fraud affected the 2020 presidential election, with 36 percent of those surveyed holding this view. With 58 percent of voters feeling it is at least somewhat possible that expanding the use of mail-in votes would lead to increased election fraud, worries about the integrity of the aforementioned mail-in ballots appear to be a significant source of voter distrust in elections. Thirty-nine percent of voters thought this was highly likely.

Less than one in five voters, or 16 percent, think voting by mail will prevent voter fraud.
The statistics show a considerable mistrust in American electoral processes after convincing proof from the 2020 election that far-left activist organizations and mail-in ballots were utilized to help Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden win.

Left-wing organizations linked to people like George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg altered election laws and officials to increase turnout in Democratic areas and a number of strange late-night vote dumps. Following an extensive examination in the wake of the 2020 election, several of these organizations changed their names, but they still seem to be making the same kinds of attempts.

Despite spreading identical accusations about Russian election interference throughout 2016 and the whole of Donald Trump’s presidency, establishment media institutions, social media sites, and Democratic politicians have sought to suppress anybody speaking out against voting fraud. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has threatened criminal prosecution against officials and activists working to uphold electoral integrity under President Biden.