Macron Secretly Helped Uber By Pressuring The Government In Private

( Several outlets last week reported that during his time as France’s Economic Minister, now-President Emmanuel Macron “secretly” worked with Uber executives to secure better deals for the company in France.

This revelation is part of an ongoing exposé in Uber’s European dealings. According to leaked documents seen by the UK Guardian, France’s Le Monde, the BBC, and The Washington Post, Macron worked closely with Uber’s senior management in France between 2014 and 2016 when he was serving as the country’s economic minister.

The relationship was so close that Macron even brokered a secret deal after Socialist assembly member Thomas Thévenoud had introduced a law that radically restricted ride-hailing services in France.

According to Uber’s note on the meeting, Macron was “apologetic.” He showed a “clear desire” to find a way to help Uber work around the law.

According to the UK Guardian, leaked text messages between Uber and Macron reveal that Uber viewed Macron as a key ally. In total, the Guardian obtained nearly 50 phone calls, emails, and meetings notes between Macron or his staffers and senior Uber executives.

Unsurprisingly, the “Uber Leaks” reporting has been met with a fierce outcry from Macron’s political opposition on both the right and left, who are demanding the French President explain his actions.

But Emmanuel Macron isn’t the only government official ensnared in the Uber scandal.

Other officials listed as having meetings with Uber execs are Ireland’s former Prime Minister Edna Kenny, former UK Chancellor George Osborne, and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – all of whom met with Uber executives in Davos.

Another official to have a sit-down with Uber in Davos was then-Vice President Joe Biden. In one leaked text message, Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick complained that the perpetually-late Biden was late to their arranged meeting.

After he met with Uber execs, Biden later amended his speech at Davos to include a reference to a company that allows millions the “freedom to work as many hours as they wish” and “manage their own lives as they wish.”