Macron Issues Warning Over Energy Consumption.

( In the upcoming weeks, French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing individuals to minimize their energy use. Macron is pushing for a 10% decrease in gasoline usage to avoid rationing this winter. Europe has been seized by a continent-wide energy crisis, as Russian energy sanctions have resulted in shortages and increasing costs.

According to reports, Macron cautioned Monday that if voluntary measures fail, mandatory energy reductions may be considered in the following months. The French president disclosed that rationing preparations are already in the works just in case and that cutbacks will come as a last option.

Macron said at a presser that the best energy is the energy we don’t use. He advised French companies and homes to preserve power by turning down heating and air conditioning.

Media reports show France is one of several European countries aiming to reduce energy use as the Ukraine conflict continues. Russia’sprimaryn natural gas pipeline to Germany remains closed, and the European Commission president says the EU’s energy market is no longer functional as long as the sanctions remain in place.

Macron did not explain how the 10% reduction target would be met. Many French citizens have already reduced their electricity and gas consumption due to rising prices.

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne warned last week that a worst-case scenario this winter might result in continuous two-hour power outages in French households.

Borne told French media that the scenario is partially the result of the Ukraine conflict and the scheduled closure of almost half of France’s 56 nuclear reactors.

France relies on nuclear energy for around 67% of its power, more than any other country, and gas for approximately 7%.

Reports show that Macron struck a deal with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to address the rising problem. France will deliver gas to Germany to compensate for a decline in Russian gas supplies from the east. In exchange, Germany would give France more power to compensate for the production lost due to the closed nuclear reactors.

The French president avoided the word tax, instead stating that he and Scholz favor a European “contribution” system sought from energy corporations whose production costs are significantly lower than the market sale price.

Like him or not, Vladimir Putin was correct regarding energy: Europeans will not face reality.