Liberals Can Be Racists, Too. Just Ask Amy Cooper

( The incident involving a white woman (Amy Cooper) and a black man (Christian Cooper, not related) in Central Park in New York City has gone viral in recent days.
When Christian asked Amy to put her dog on a leash in a section of Central Park that requires it, Amy lashed out. She began to berate Christian, who decided to video the incident.
On the video, Amy can clearly be seen and heard saying she was going to call the cops and tell them an African-American man was threatening her. After Christian continued to record the incident, Amy did just that — she called the police, feigned a voice that sounded as if she were in danger and asked them to respond to the scene.
She was so irate that she seemed to choke her dog by a leash as she was yelling at Christian, saying “I’m going to tell them [the cops] there’s an African-American man threatening my life.”
After the video was posted online and it went viral, the instant reaction on social media was that Amy must be a supporter of President Donald Trump.
One person, @SarahBCalif, tweeted:
“Amy Cooper will probably receive an invitation [sic] the the White House and be awarded the Medal of Freedom from Trump. After all, she represents everything Trump loves: racism, hatred, lying and a dog hater.”
And another Twitter user, @Nicoxw1, wrote:
“Is Amy Cooper a consequence of Donald Trump or Donald Trump a consequence of Amy Coopers?”
As it turns out, though, Amy is a liberal — at least if you go by her political campaign contributions.
A recent report from the Independent, a UK media outlet, revealed that Amy has made campaign contributions to Democrats John Kerry, Barack Obama and Pete Buttigieg.
So, it seems that liberals can be racists, too. Maybe we should have all believed that was possible when presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden said recently that “you ain’t black” if you were trying to decide between him and Trump still.
Liberals are constantly attacking Trump, and that’s OK. That’s what politics in America have come to — one side directly opposed to the other, with next to no middle ground.
But the problem is they often get away with blaming Trump and conservatives for things they have nothing to do with … until, they’re caught. This situation with Amy Cooper is a perfect example of just that.
It’s easy for liberals to fly off the cuff quickly and say that Amy — or any person that acts like her — must be a conservative, a Republican, a Trump supporter. Liberals couldn’t possibly act that way, they say.
Turns out, they can.
Not only is instantly blaming conservatives disrespectful to millions of people in the country who identify as conservatives, but it’s also disrespectful to the people who have suffered at the hands of racism. It’s like saying to Christian Cooper and any other person of color who has experienced something like this incident that “It’s OK, the problem is with conservatives.”
In reality, the problem isn’t with conservatives, it’s with people of all political backgrounds who think they are better than others, who feel privileged.