Liberal Term Collapses As Minorities Hate It

( Everyone already knows that Hispanic Americans don’t associate with the nonsense term “Latinx” that was invented by far-left radicals, but a new poll from Politico just confirmed it.

It turns out that Hispanics aren’t offended by the terms “Latino” or “Latina” at all, and that “Latinx” is so widely unused that Democrats will no doubt start questioning whether they should be using it at all.

In a poll of 800 Hispanic voters, it was revealed that only 2% identify with the term “Latinx.” A majority of those polled considered themselves Hispanic – some 68% – and 21% said that they were either Latina or Latino.

It should be clearer than ever to Democrats that in pandering to the Hispanic vote, they lost their way and actually started pushing them away. Why would Hispanic Americans want to define themselves by a made-up word invented by extremists?

The poll also found that 40% of Hispanic voters are bothered or offended by the term Latinx, and a further 20% said that the term bothers them “a lot.”

A further 30% of respondents said that if a politician were to use the term then they would be less likely to turn out and vote for them.

Is Elizabeth Warren reading this?

Fernand Amandi of Bendixen and Amandi International, which conducted the poll, said that using the term “Latinx” is a “violation of the political Hippocratic Oath, which is first do no electoral harm.”

Amandi asked why people would be using a term preferred by only 2% of voters, and offends as many as 40% of voters.

Good question…