Liberal Star Admits Her “Darkest Secret” Is Killing Baby She Wanted To Keep While Pushing For Abortion

( In an op-ed published in the Washington Post last week, actress Uma Thurman expressed her opposition to the new “Heart Beat” pro-life law in Texas, claiming that the law is a “human rights crisis for American women.”

And in her op-ed opposing restrictions on abortion, Thurman revealed what she called her ‘darkest secret” – namely that she once had an abortion and it left her so heartbroken it still causes her pain today.

So, apparently, Thurman believes that by passing this law Texas is depriving other women of the opportunity to be heartbroken and live the rest of their lives in pain.

Not a very convincing argument, is it?

The “Kill Bill” actress then recounts what led up to her decision to “Kill Baby.”

She was just starting out her acting career, see. And then she got “accidentally impregnated” by a “much older man.” She was in Europe, far from family and was about to start a new job. Sure, she wanted to keep the baby, “but how?”

So she called her parents whom she said warned her about how difficult it would be to raise a baby on her own. And since apparently the only choices available were A) keep the baby or B) kill it, they decided she should go with Option B.

Funny how Option C, put it up for adoption, wasn’t even discussed.

Thurman’s op-ed is the typical navel-gazing “It’s All About Me” twaddle one expects from Hollywood celebrities.

She kvetches over her “childish fantasy of motherhood” and whines “I was just starting out in my career.” Not one thought about the life of the child, only about Uma, Uma, Uma.

Even her regret is all about Uma — “my heart was broken.” She has no thought at all for the baby whose body was broken to pieces for the sake of her career.

The long and the short of her op-ed is, Uma doesn’t want other American women to be deprived of the opportunity to live with having a broken heart, and damn that state of Texas for taking into consideration the one human life Uma didn’t spare a thought for.