Legal Legend Alan Dershowitz Says DOJ Is “Cherry-Picking” What They Release On Trump

( Expert in constitutional law Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Wednesday that the Department of Justice’s attachment of a photo of allegedly classified papers at Mar-a-Lago to a 36-page motion it filed demonstrates that it is selectively editing what it makes available to the public.

During an appearance on Newsmax’s “The Record With Greta Van Susteren,” Dershowitz stated that it demonstrated they’re cherry-picking what they reveal. They are disseminating and providing our enemies with access to this sensitive data because they want to and are legally able to. On the other hand, they omit certain information.

The retired law professor stated that the DOJ knew The New York Times and CNN would air the photo without remark. Dershowitz remarked to Van Susteren that he was glad that at least she was ready to speculate the photo may have been staged.

According to reports, the former President has claimed that he declassified the materials the FBI recovered in the raid.
Dershowitz explained to Greta Van Susteren that the government exploits sealing and classification to further its objectives. They selectively edit. That had been his 55-year-long experience. There has been no change.
Dershowitz said he doesn’t believe there is sufficient evidence for the DOJ to charge Trump.
He stated that he believed the only basis for prosecution is what’s referred to as a process crime. They must show that Trump (not his lawyers) obstructed justice willfully and deliberately by ordering someone to destroy documents or deliberately move them from one location to another with the intent to do so, as Richard Nixon did. That may be sufficient to support the charge of obstruction of justice.
Dershowitz stated that there has to be solid evidence of a deliberate effort to destroy. He does not think it’s there, based on what he saw.
The Biden Administration loves destruction. America is its target.