Legal Legend Alan Dershowitz Predicts Supreme Court Will Stop Joe Biden

( Alan Dershowitz, the famous constitutional expert and attorney, has indicated that the Supreme Court is likely set to rule against President Joe Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate. It comes after the president last week announced that businesses with more than 100 employees will be required to force their workers to take the vaccine or face twice-weekly COVID-19 tests.

Because taking regular tests is inconvenient, the mandate has already resulted in swathes of people being let go from their jobs. Videos have appeared all over social media of professors and manual laborers alike announcing that their employers have let them go, for simply refusing to be forced into taking a vaccine they are not sure of.

During a recent interview, Alan Dershowitz indicated that he believes the courts might argue that the federal government technically has jurisdiction in this instance, as COVID-19 is contagious and makes it a national issue that crosses state lines. He did say, however, that there will be issues with enforcing the penalties.

The federal government does not have police power, meaning that state governors may simply be able to resist President Biden’s mandate and tell businesses that they do not need to obey his new rule and that there will be no repercussions if they disobey.

Dershowitz said that the key question now is whether the president alone has the authority to make law and impose punishments on those who break the law, simply by declaring an emergency.

“I suspect that within a month, the Supreme Court will issue a preliminary decision on whether or not a president, as distinguished in Congress, can impose a near-universal mandate,” he said.

Think about it.

If the president can just announce there is a national emergency and then just create law and punish people for breaking it, then what is the point of Congress?

Surely this cannot stand.