Leftists Attack Harry Potter Author JK Rowling for “Anti-Transgender Rhetoric”

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Harry Potter author JK Rowling is no fan of President Donald Trump, but no matter how popular or left-wing you are, if you go against the far-left narrative that men can be women then you should expect to be targeted by the social justice mob. That’s exactly what happened to Rowling recently, after social justice warriors called her out for using “trans-exclusive” language.

Her crime? Rowling simply liked a tweet someone wrote about a trans woman from Wales. The author of the tweet referred to the woman as an “adult human male who claims to be a lesbian.” The problem, according to social justice warriors, is that this trans woman was referred to as a biological male and the author of the tweet questioned what such a person could technically be a lesbian.

Far-left gay news website LGBTQ Nation reported that Rowling had liked a post by “anti-transgender activist Fred Sargeant,” who believes that people cannot change their biological sex. LGBTQ Nation asserts that they have greater authority than doctors, nurses, and scientists who recognize it is literally impossible to change the chromosomes you are born with.

The outlet objects to Sargeant’s belief that male-to-female transgender people can’t be “oppressed” because they are technically biologically male and they made a conscience decision to exit the “patriarchy.”

This isn’t the first time Rowling has been in trouble with radical left-wing activists. In December, she was publicly “canceled” for telling her followers that she believed biological sex is “real” and defended professor Maya Forstater who was fired from her job after telling her Twitter follows that it’s imposible to change your sex.

The inmates are running the asylum!

As you can see in the tweet above, Sargeant was commenting on a trans woman called Alex Drummond who has a very visible, manly beard.

“This is Alex Drumming, an adult human male who claims to be a lesbian (yes, he’s kept his dangling bits & has skipped the hormones) and believes that real lesbians who aren’t into penises are transphobic and should be excluded from the lesbian community.”

Can you imagine being offended by someone calling out THAT kind of behavior?