LeBron James Admits Attacking Officer Was Bad Idea

(PresidentialInsider.com)- National Basketball Association star LeBron James admitted this week that his tweet that incited violence against the police officer who shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant as she attempted to stab another girl in the street was a bad decision.

But he stopped short of completely apologizing for saying what he did.

Following the shooting, which saved the life of a Black woman who was being attacked by Bryant, LeBron tweeted a photograph of Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon with a message reading, “You’re next. #Accountability.”

The tweet quickly gathered thousands of likes and retweets, and to many people who saw it, it read as a threat to the police officer. It was particularly terrifying for the officer given the huge amount of anti-police rhetoric in American politics today, with Black Lives Matter and its celebrity supporters regularly claiming that police officers are racist murderers.

On Monday, James said that he “fueled the wrong conversation about Ma’Khia Bryant” and said that he owes it to her to “change it.”

“Thank you @fabiolacineas for educating us about Ma’Khia and her story and why this needs to be about her,” he added.

….but not apology for putting officer Reardon in danger after saving a Black woman’s life?

James shared an article from Vox.com titled “Why they’re not saying Ma’Khia Bryant’s name.”

The answer to that is, of course, that Bryant was attempting to murder someone in the street – but the left-wing media outlet instead painted Bryant as a victim.

“Even after it was discovered that Bryant was living in foster care, that she was in the middle of a fight with older women when police arrived, and that she was allegedly the one who summoned the police for help, people — some of the same people who called for justice in Floyd’s case — used police talking points to justify the four bullets that Reardon unloaded into Bryant’s chest. She was brandishing a knife, many pointed out, which meant the other Black women needed to be protected,” the outlet said.

Just how low are these people willing to stoop to protect an attempted murderer?