Leaked Documents From Iowa School Shows School Was Calling MAGA Movement Racism

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Leaked documents from a school system in Iowa show just how dangerous the political bias in America’s schools is becoming, with teachers in the state telling young students that “Make America Great Again,” the movement and slogan created by former President Donald Trump, is a form of “white supremacy” and “racism.”

It’s obviously untrue, given that the movement never exhibited any bias against non-white people and was made up of Americans from all backgrounds and ethnicities, but teachers are teaching it to their students anyway…and seemingly without consequence.

Benny Johnson, a host on Newsmax, revealed the documents that also showed how Critical Race Theory – a radical left-wing theory that divides Americans based on race – is also being taught to teachers and students alike.

And it’s mandatory.

In a tweet, Johnson showed an excerpt from the documents. It shows a pyramid of “white supremacy,” divided between “overt” and “covert” white supremacy.

Children are being taught that “overt” white supremacy is considered “socially unacceptable” and includes lynching, burning crosses, the “n-word,” racial slurs, and hate crimes.

Under “covert” white supremacy, which the document claims is “socially acceptable,” a slew of things that have absolutely nothing to do with race are considered…racist.

“Make America Great Again” is listed under “covert white supremacy,” along with “English-only initiatives,” victim blaming, color blindness, police brutality, paternalism, and saying things like “But we’re just one human family.”

We’re so far down the line that anyone who says we are one big human family is now a racist.

What would Martin Luther King Jr have to say about this?

The documents also show how teachers are being instructed to classify a majority of people in Iowa are racist, given that the state voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump in the last election.

What hope do we have for social cohesions if Democrats are teaching children to hate half the American population?