Lawmakers Slam Gavin Newsom For Wrong Use Of Emergency Powers

( California legislators appear to be cottoning on to Democratic state Governor Gavin Newsom’s excessive use of emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Newsom famously implemented months-long periods of full lockdown in his state, crippling the economy and losing millions of jobs across his state as a result.

Sacramento Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, a Republican, spoke to the Epoch Times this week and described how the Emergency Services Act is designed to allow the state to respond proactively and in a coordinated way to respond to emergencies like pandemics, fires, and earthquakes.

He added that the act is designed to give the governor a chance to bring the full resources of the state government together to mitigate the threat, but that instead of using the act for the correct purposes, Newsom simply took unlimited power and ruled the state without the consent of the three branches of government in his state.

Kiley said that Governor Newsom had effectively made the role of state legislators…nonexistent.

He said that from the very earliest days of the pandemic, Governor Newsom took over the job of the legislator and issued executive orders that went through no legislative process whatsoever.

That’s probably why a recall election is expected to go ahead this year…at least Newsom made some kind of history…

California’s economy technically reopened on June 15, but the state of emergency is still in place, and the governor has said that many provisions from the pandemic era will remain in place for a while.

He defended the continuation of the emergency order during a press conference on June 4, claiming California is still in a “state of emergency.”

With state senators increasingly opposing Newsom, could now be the time for a Republican candidate to take back California?

….could we be looking at Governor Caitlyn Jenner?