Lawmakers Say Latest Breach At Border Shows Security Is Compromised

( After 15 illegals with suspected terror ties were caught crossing the border in May, congressional lawmakers expressed concern that lax border security could eventually lead to another terror attack in the United States.

Texas Republican Congressman Brian Babin said Biden’s open borders policy and his unwillingness to address the crisis it unleashed are compromising US national security.

Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona said border agents being overwhelmed by the record number of illegal aliens crossing the border makes it easier for “dangerous players” to sneak into the country undetected, adding that this “is a huge security threat.”

Illinois Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller said once they can cross, these bad actors will head for sanctuary cities like Chicago, which will allow violence, drug running, and other crimes to expand well beyond the border states.

According to US Customs and Border Protection statistics, Border Patrol agents apprehended 15 people who were on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist during the month of May. This is an all-time high monthly record and matches the total number of terror-linked illegals apprehended in all of last year.

Federal prosecutors revealed last month that the Iraqi man caught while attempting to carry out an assassination on former President George W. Bush said he planned to bring an ISIS hit squad into the United States through the porous southern border.

Throughout 2022, DHS apprehended 50 individuals found on the terror watchlist. And according to retiring Republican Congressman John Katko of New York, the larger question is how many terror-linked suspects are among the staggering number of illegal aliens who avoided apprehension at the border and made it into the country scot-free.

Congressman Babin believes the Democrat Party’s electoral strategy is more important than national security. Democrats want the southern border wide open to allow for as many illegals as possible who will then be granted the right to vote. He said the Democrats are willing to risk a little terrorism to gain a “perpetual majority.”