Lawmakers Ban Open Carry At Washington

( Democrat Governor of Washington Jay Inslee signed new legislation on Wednesday that bans the open carrying of weapons at the state Capitol and during public demonstrations.

The Associated Press reported how the governor signed the bill, which took effect immediately, and described it as a “common-sense approach” that is designed to extend the “existing prohibition to open-carry firearms in limited situations to ensure an individual can’t use a weapon to intimidate other citizens.”

The legislation, which will likely be criticized as a further infringement on Americans’ Second Amendment rights, bans people in the state of Washington from carrying weapons (and therefore protecting themselves) during public protests. Those in the state will also be banned from carrying weapons within 250 feet of a demonstration, at the Capitol building, and on parts of the grounds surrounding the Capitol.

With a specific reference to carrying weapons at the Capitol, the legislation appears to be a nod to the fake narrative from Democrats that Republicans engaged in an insurrection at the nation’s Capitol Building on January 6 this year, and that those who attended the now-infamous D.C. riots intended to kill politicians inside the building.

It’s a claim that the FBI very quickly walked back after video footage, testimonies from police officers, and other evidence revealed no intention from capitol rioters to “capture and assassinate” elected officials.

The National Rifle Association’s state director for Washington issued a statement to the Associated Press insisting that it is not constitutional to deny Americans the right to protect themselves.

“The right of self-protection should never be denied whether at home, on the road, or in the public square,” Aoibheann Cline said, adding that the group will “continue fighting this injustice on all available fronts.”