“Law & Order” Actor Chris Meloni Compares Young Trump Supporters to NAZI YOUTH

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Law & Order actor Chris Meloni proved just how out of touch actors, Hollywood, and the entertainment industry generally is with most of the people who watch their content. Retweeting a video posted by New York Times columnist Charles Blow, Meloni reacts to children who don’t hate the president by comparing them to the “Nazi youth.”

Meloni was presumably referring to the Hitler Youth, an organization for young German men that existed during the rule of fascist dictator Adolf Hitler.

The video Meloni was responding to showed a woman talking to her young nephews, explaining the upcoming Republican National Convention and talking about how President Donald Trump has fought for America since his election in 2016.

She talks about how Trump will “fight for our freedom” and “keep us safe.” You can see it below, in Meloni’s unhinged Twitter post.

Meloni mocked the video, implying that the two sweet young boys in the video reminded him of the Hitler youth.
“Not since watching Nazi Youth newsreel footage have I felt this way. Heil Trump!” he added with a middle finger emoji.

This is the kind of deranged behavior many people have come to expect from actors at this point, and while many people might think going after children is a new low…it really isn’t.

When the Covington Catholic high school kids were caught on video smiling at a Native American man who was loudly banging a drum in their face, in opposition to their support for the president, celebrities took to Twitter to suggest they deserve to be punched.

CNN host Reza Aslan eventually deleted his tweet in which he said young Nick Sandmann’s face was “punchable”…but it took him a year to finally admit he was in the wrong.

As for Meloni, this isn’t the first time he’s gone on unhinged tirades against the president, either. The actor attacked the Justice Department just last week after it was announced that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn would be exonerated.

Despite evidence showing that the FBI purposely set up Flynn to put him in prison or get him fired, Meloni still lashed out and attacked the department.

That’s what ideologues do, not sane people!