Laura Ingraham Does a “Who’s On First” Bit, Lefties Didn’t Get It

( Fox News host Laura Ingraham and her frequent guest Raymond Arroyo had a little fun on her show Monday night, taking a page out of Abbott and Costello’s book for their own version of “Who’s on First.”

Ingraham and Arroyo were discussing “woke-free TV,” when Arroyo interjected that he was watching an episode of “You” in which measles came up. Playing off the “You” comment, Ingraham, stepping into the role of Costello, objected saying that she never did a show about measles.

Arroyo, doing Abbott, tried to explain that he didn’t mean “you” as in Laura Ingraham; he meant the show “You.” Ingraham again argued that she never did a show about measles. Arroyo clarified that he was talking about the show “You” on Netflix, to which Ingraham responded she didn’t have a show on Netflix. This went on for a bit before Arroyo pretended to get exasperated and gave up.

Sadly, many of the humorless dinks on Twitter totally missed that the whole thing was a joke. Maybe they aren’t familiar with Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” or maybe they’re just so driven by hatred for Fox News personalities, they were desperate for it to be real.

A clueless Leftie tweeted out the video of the exchange mistakenly believing that Ingraham truly got confused. Likeminded dopes immediately began mocking Ingraham for being so stupid that she didn’t know what the Netflix series “You” was.

But it wasn’t Ingraham who was stupid. The only stupid people in this were the clueless dopes on Twitter who didn’t get the joke.

Shockingly, some Lefties did the joke, including Daily Beast reporter Justin Baragona:

After Baragona tweeted the video, he later quote-tweeted the clip, explaining that, for those who were confused whether Ingraham was serious or not, “it was 100 percent a bit.”

Even Dan Amira, the head writer for the Daily Show understood what was going on, tweeting that the people mocking Ingraham “for being oblivious” were the ones who were oblivious “to the fact that she was in on the bit.”