Larry Elder May Run For President Even If Trump Does

In a recent interview, former California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder said he is considering running for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Speaking to the Des Moines Register, the former conservative radio host said he would run in 2024 whether or not former President Donald Trump jumps into the race, explaining he wouldn’t be running against Trump or anybody else on the Republican side. Instead, he said he would be running “against Joe Biden.”

Elder was in Des Moines last weekend to deliver the keynote speech at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event. He told the Register that his visit to Iowa was just “kicking the tires” as he mulls a possible 2024 run.

In his speech, Elder spoke of the importance of strong families and how the welfare state “incentivizes” women to avoid marriage in favor of “marriage to government” while incentivizing men to abandon their financial and moral obligations to the children they father.

This was Elder’s second trip to Iowa over the summer. He previously attended the Iowa State Fair in August. At the time, Elder said he was widely recognized by attendees, many of whom asked him if he planned to run for office again.

Larry Elder rose to national prominence after running against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in the recent recall election. While Newsom easily defeated him, Elder’s foray into politics raised his profile within the Republican Party.

In April, the 70-year-old Elder retired from his conservative talk radio show after decades on the air. He recently produced a sequel to his documentary “Uncle Tom” called “Uncle Tom II.”