Kristi Noem Allegedly Had An Affair With Trump Advisor Corey Lewandowski

( Last week, citing unnamed “multiple sources,” the conservative site American Greatness published an explosive article alleging that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was having an extramarital affair with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

According to the sources, this alleged affair had been going on for months.

Lewandowski began acting as an informal advisor to Noem in 2020. He accompanied her when she traveled the country campaigning for President Trump’s reelection. Citing “South Dakota Republicans,” American Greatness reported that Noem’s former chief of staff Joshua Shields resigned in part over Lewandowski’s interference. Which in and of itself doesn’t mean the two were having an affair. It could just indicate that Lewandowski is a buttinsky.

Noem is a close associate of former President Trump and has even been considered as a possible 2024 running mate should Trump run again. Mar-a-Lago has played host to a couple fundraisers for Noem’s reelection campaign. And American Greatness attributes her close connection with the Trump’s to Lewandowski’s influence.

Again, perhaps Lewandowski is the one who brought Noem into the Trump orbit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re sleeping together.

However, one source cited in the article said that among members of Congress who are close to Mar-a-Lago, this alleged affair is “an open secret.”

On Wednesday, Governor Noem flatly denied the allegations, calling the rumors “total garbage and a disgusting lie.” The governor expressed love for her husband Bryon and pride for the “God-fearing family we’ve raised together.”

Though Lewandowski was not a paid member of Governor Noem’s team, on Wednesday she severed all ties with him.

The very same day American Greatness published this story, Politico reported that a GOP donor has accused Corey Lewandowski of sexually harassing her at a charity event in Las Vegas last weekend. The woman claimed Lewandowski grabbed her behind and made sexually suggestive comments to her. She also alleged that Lewandowski followed her throughout the night.

In response to the news, Team Trump cut all ties with Lewandowski. He was also removed from his position overseeing the pro-Trump Make America Great Against Action PAC.