King Charles Insider Reveals What He’s Really Like

A recently published book about the former Prince of Wales features gossipy insiders who described him as a demanding boss who often “falls under the spell” of outside advisors.

Author Valentine Low’s new book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown” includes quotes from former employees of His Majesty King Charles III from when he was Prince of Wales.

One former staffer told Low that as Prince, Charles had a fierce temper, often going from “zero to 60 in a flash and then back down again.” However, he rarely took his anger out on individuals.

The staffer also said Charles could get frustrated at times, especially with the media.

At the same time, the Prince of Wales was considered to have a “ferocious work ethic” with “enormous stamina” and was known to work seven days a week.

The book claims that Charles could be “very demanding” both on himself and his staff, often calling staffers at all hours, even on Christmas.

The staffers described Charles as a “man on a mission” whose interests are widely varied. As such, he amassed dozens of outside advisors who shared their thoughts on his various interests including architecture, business, alternative medicines, organic farming, Islamic art, housing, the writings of Carl Jung, and even the media.

However, the army of outside advisors who peppered the Prince with “helpful suggestions” often became challenging for his permanent staff. Low writes that Charles wasn’t always “a good judge of who should have his ear.”

For example, Low cites Charles’ reliance on scandal-plagued broadcaster Jimmy Savile. Savile had written a handbook for the Prince on ways the royal family should deal with the media after disasters or scandals. After Savile’s death, it was revealed that he had been a serial harasser and abuser.

One former staff told Low that at times these outside advisers undermined morale among the Prince’s staff by implying his team was falling short.