Kim Jong Un Thanks North Koreans In Rare Letter

( North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong Un appears to be reaching out to his citizens after suffering a series of mysterious illnesses, writing to his citizens in a New Year’s letter.

Kim thanked citizens for their ongoing support during the “difficult times,” and wished his people happiness for the new year.

The letter did not, however, says whether or not he planned to give his usual speeches this year – possibly indicating that his medical issues are not yet over.

“I will work hard to bring earlier the new era in which the ideals and desires of our people will come true,” he said, according to the country’s state-controlled Korean Central News Agency.

“I offer thanks to the people for having invariably trusted and supported our party even in the difficult times,” he continued. “I sincerely wish all the families across the country greater happiness and beloved people, good health.”

The note was reportedly handwritten.

In August, rumors circulated that Kim was in a coma and that his sister, Kim Yo Jong, was preparing to take the reins.

The South Korean National Intelligence Service initially reported that they believed Kim had delegated all authority to his sister and other top officials. Earlier, in May, medical experts also said that Kim had needle marks on his arms, indicating that he had spent time in hospital.

The letter to his citizens, rather than a speech, could indicate that rumors of poor health are true, given that the last time a letter like this was published to the nation’s citizens was 1995 by Kim Jong Il, the former leader of North Korea and father of Kim Jong Un.

Given the secretive nature of North Korea’s government and the lack of a free press in the country, it is virtually impossible to verify whether or not every citizen of the country even received the letter. Which much of the North Korean population living in poverty or in rural towns, and with little in the way of national infrastructure, millions of North Korean may be completely unaware of what is happening.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a series of natural disasters, and fresh sanctions on the country led by the Trump administration, 2021 is likely to be yet another difficult year for the secretive country.