Kim Jong Un Takes Break From Power As Issues Mount

( Kim Jong Un, the communist dictator of North Korea, seems to be taking a similar approach to dealing with national crises as U.S. President Joe Biden – hiding. The North Korean dictator has reportedly announced another extended break from appearing in public, as rumors about his deteriorating spread continue to spread.

It comes as North Korea faces an economic crisis, a major shortage of food, and flooding across its vital farmlands.

The absence will also occur as the United States and South Korean military begin new joint military exercises, a move that North Korea has slammed as provocative and has warned of a response. In previous routine drills by foreign military powers, Kim Jong Un has used the time to perform his own missile tests and military exercises, in a largely symbolic show of North Korean “power.”

So why is he disappearing again?

According to state media outlets, Kim’s last public appearance was on July 30, just a day after he appeared alongside members of the military during a number of events between July 24 and 29.

Kim looked notably slimmer than usual and also had an unexplained bandage on the back of his head.


Well, at least someone in North Korea clearly has access to medical care…

The bandage wasn’t always there in the official photographs, and in some photos, a dark spot could be soon on the back of his head. It was clearly visible during military events as well as a war veterans conference and appears to be some kind of bruise.

And in the clip below, you can see just how skinnier the famously overweight leader looks.

The chances of him being malnourished are unlikely. While the nation faces a food shortage, dictator Kim stills lives a life of luxury.

This new break from being in the public eye will be Kim’s sixth this year.

Could he be leaving to receive yet more medical treatment?