Kim Jong Un Regime Orders Corruption Probe Into Horse Riding Club

( After receiving an allegation of official corruption at Pyongyang’s Mirim Horse Riding Club, the Central Committee’s Discipline Inspection Department recently started looking into the club.

According to a source in Pyongyang, the Discipline Inspection Department has been looking into the club’s party committee since mid-June for allegedly collecting vast quantities of money to pay for private lessons for the kids of cadres.

Reports show four middle school kids taking riding lessons at Mirim Horse Riding Club were admitted to the hospital on June 18 due to riding mishaps, the source said. Three people were hospitalized with minor injuries, and one needed more critical care.

A furious parent complained to the Central Committee that the club was receiving enormous sums of money to conduct private lessons after the club blamed the pupils for the accident.

Private schooling is outright forbidden in North Korea, but private riding lessons became popular after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, his wife Ri Sol Ju, and his sister Kim Yo Jong made an appearance on horseback in a new documentary film named “2021: Year of a Great Victory.”

No reports on what breed of horse Kim Jong Un was riding, but there’s a good chance it is now a swayback. Poor horse.

According to reports, Central Committee officials and Pyongyang’s affluent elite spend a lot of money on private, one-on-one riding lessons for their kids.

When the Discipline Examination Department began its inspection, it was discovered that Mirim Horse Riding Club was charging an equivalent of 1,800 USD (US Dollars) per individual for a year of instruction.

(I’m shocked, shocked, to find that private lessons are going on here!)

According to the source in Pyongyang, the Discipline Inspection Department officers who came for the inspection are closely examining Mirim Horse Riding Club’s alleged corruption.  Since the Central Committee oversees the inspection, the cadres and workers are concerned that they may get into trouble.

The source expects there to be major fallout. Mirim Horse Riding Club was built with special interest from Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, so it’s an even bigger problem that the capitalist phenomenon of providing exclusive private lessons to the children of cadres and wealthy families has emerged there.