Killing Field Found Near Texas Border

( Last week the Mexican government confirmed the discovery of another drug cartel killing field located several miles south of the Texas border.

Mexico’s National Search Commission announced the discovery of this field just south of Nuevo Laredo which is believed to have been used by the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas. This area has seen numerous disappearances over the last decade.

The discovery of this latest killing field took place after Tamaulipas state investigators went to the area with a relative of one of the victims believed to be at the site. Both state and federal search commissions found charred drums, personal items, and some clothing scattered about.

Sadly, these killing fields are nothing new. Drug cartels have a history of clandestine crematoriums and killing fields throughout northern Tamaulipas, and even in some of the larger border cities.

In January, Mexican activists looking for victims of cartel kidnappings stumbled on a killing field at an abandoned ranch only miles from the Texas border. The property was believed to have been used by the Gulf Cartel to murder and dispose of bodies.

Like last week’s discovery, the activists found several drums believed to be used to incinerate victims. They also found 55-gallon drums containing human remains in an abandoned warehouse. Bullet casings were scattered outside the drums, suggesting the victims were shot shortly before being stuffed into the drums for burning. Cartels commonly use fuel, tires, and wood to incinerate their victims and reduce them to ash.

Authorities subsequently sealed the area, documented the scene, and began collecting samples. However, it is still unknown how many human remains were found at this killing field.

Tamaulipas is controlled by Gulf Cartel which is largely responsible for the violence in the region. And these are the people who control the human trafficking of illegal aliens into the US.

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in June, FBI Director Christopher Wray admitted that cartel activity from Mexico is “spilling over” into the US “in all sorts of ways.”

“All sorts of ways?” How long before Joe Biden’s open border policies bring these kinds of killing fields to the United States?