Kevin McCarthy To Strip GOP Members Of Committee Assignments If They Cave To Pelosi

( It’s looking like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has decided to play hardball over Nancy Pelosi’s highly partisan select committee on January 6.

After the House voted to create the select committee, McCarthy warned Republicans that if any Republican accepts Nancy Pelosi’s invitation to sit on the committee, “they better be prepared to get all their committee assignments from her.”

Though McCarthy does not say directly that Republicans who agree to join Pelosi’s witch hunt will be stripped of their committee assignments, the warning certainly does leave that impression.

The select committee will be made up of 13 House members – eight chosen by Pelosi and the remaining five selected by McCarthy. However, it appears McCarthy has no intention of selecting anyone.

Pelosi, meanwhile, does not need to choose only Democrat members to fill out her eight choices. In fact, on July 1, Pelosi named her choices for her eight members, and Republican Liz Cheney was among those she selected.

In a press conference after Pelosi named Cheney to the committee, McCarthy said he isn’t threatening anybody’s committee assignments. However, he did express his shock that someone from the Republican caucus would accept a committee assignment from a Democrat, adding “that’s unprecedented.”

McCarthy cited New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew who, after he switched parties in 2020, was promptly removed from his committee assignments by Nancy Pelosi. Van Drew then went to the Republican conference to receive new committee assignments.

McCarthy explained that he doesn’t know of any example in history where someone would get a committee assignment from a Democrat Speaker then expect to also hold committee assignments from the Republican conference.

For her part, Liz Cheney thanked Speaker Pelosi for assigning her to the select committee, saying she was “honored to have been named to serve.”

The odious anti-Trump Adam Kinzinger celebrated Cheney’s appointment to the select committee, tweeting that her selection was “Fantastic news!”