Kevin McCarthy Hails “A Good Friend Of Mine, Elon Musk”

( House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy broke a record previously held by far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week when he spoke for more than eight hours on the House floor in an effort to delay the passing of the extremist “Build Back Better” bill.

And at roughly two hours into his marathon speech, McCarthy involved the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. He talked about how crime rates in Democrat-run cities and states are spiking and causing people to leave for Republican areas.

He then mentioned how in Austin, Texas, the city council voted to slash as much as $150 million from a police department budget.

Remember when they told us “defund the police” wasn’t a serious proposal?

He added that he has seen many businesses in California leave the state and go to Austin, instead – before mentioning how a “good friend” of his, Elon Musk, was one such example.

McCarthy described how Musk built a car company when others said he couldn’t do it, and that he risked his wealth to become “pretty dang successful.”

A state rep in California, I can’t use the language they used on the floor, it started with an F, tweeted at Elon, because he wanted to expand his business,” he added. “So he left… When Elon got to Austin, he said if you cut the police and make crime like the place he just left, he won’t stay.”

All true. Elon Musk, who created thousands of American jobs not just from Tesla but also from his SpaceX venture, left a Democrat state and went to a Republican state as well.

Let’s just hope that the Democrats don’t destroy Austin, too.

Ultimately, McCarthy’s speech only delayed the inevitable, and the extremist Build Back Better plan – along with its $1.7 trillion allotted funds for various far-left social spending projects – passed in the House.