Ketanji Brown Jackson Wrote A Her College Thesis On ‘Personal Hidden Agendas’ Of Judges

( In her 1992 Harvard thesis on how plea bargains are a form of coercion and oppression, SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson had argued that judges have “personal hidden agendas” for pressuring defendants to accept plea bargains.

In her thesis, Jackson argued that it was necessary to examine the underlying motives of those who coerce defendants to “waive their constitutional rights” and accept a plea bargain. According to her thesis, Jackson believes that court officials, including judges, have “personal motives” for trying to resolve cases through plea bargaining.

She suggested that those running the criminal justice system might be serving their interests rather than “the system’s clients.” Therefore, to “effectively analyze plea bargaining,” she explained, first “we must attempt to identify the personal hidden agendas” of the “court professionals.”

During her confirmation hearing on Monday, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee tried to nail down what Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “hidden personal agendas” were.

Senator Marsha Blackburn asked Jackson if her “personal hidden agenda” was behind the reason she was so lenient on criminals during the COVID pandemic. She cited several cases in which Jackson used the pandemic as a justification to release violent criminals onto the streets.

Blackburn also cited Jackson’s past praise for the inaccurate 1619 Project which claims the United States was founded on racism and is a systemically racist country. She asked Jackson if her “hidden personal agenda” was to infuse critical race theory into the US legal system.

During his questioning, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton also pointed out Jackson’s well-document support for both the Black Lives Matter movement and Critical Race Theory.

And, most notably, Senator Josh Hawley brought up Jackson’s lenient sentencing of child sex predators and what it might say about Jackson’s “personal hidden agenda.”

Naturally, the media hit back against Republicans for using Ketanji Jackson Brown’s own words against her.

Acting as if the phrase was invented by the Republican senators and not a quote from Jackson’s thesis, blue-check “journalists” on Twitter blasted Senator Blackburn for having the temerity to ask what Jackson’s “personal hidden agenda” was.