Karl Rove Slams White House – “Is The Crisis Gone?”

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Legendary conservative political strategist Karl Rove lashed out at the White House on Monday, asking if the Biden administraton’s decision to stop turning away illegal aliens at the southern border means that the COVID-19 pandemic and health crisis is over.

Good point, right? The Democrats have been at the forefront of shutting down the economy in the name of protecting people from the COVID-19 virus, and yet, they seem perfectly happy about welcoming in hundreds of thousands of likely unvaccinated illegal aliens at the border without consequence.

During an interview with Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer on Fox News, Rove said that the worsening crisis at the border is a “terrible problem” for America.

He explained his disbelief that the Biden administration is talking about removing President Donald Trump’s rule that people will be immediately turned back to Mexico at the border over public health concerns, adding that if the Biden administration wants to get rid of the rule…does that mean the health crisis is “gone”?

The policy in question is Title 42. It’s a provision of the Public Health Safety Act that was invoked in March of last year. Then-President Donald Trump allowed U.S. border officials to turn migrants away rather than detaining them in the United States.

Democrats have long said that policies like this are racist and bigoted, and the Biden administration is now reportedly considering ending the policy from July 31.

But the Biden administration also claims that the pandemic is not over, that the public health crisis is ongoing, and that the country needs to remain vigilant about the virus.

So…which is it? Is the public health crisis over or not?

Rove noted how central Americans are largely unvaccinated, which will pose a problem for America’s ability to reach herd immunity. The more unvaccinated people there are, the longer it takes to reach herd immunity – and with many people already skeptical about the vaccine’s safety, the Democrats will have just one more fight on their hands.

It really makes you wonder whether the Biden administration is driven by facts, or spite…