Karl Rove Schools Juan Williams On Supreme Court Attacks, Holds Him Accountable

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A fiery debate erupted between two analysts on Fox News concerning protests outside of Supreme Court Justices’ homes. It comes after an armed man plotting to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh was reportedly arrested outside of the Justice’s home.

Fox News analysts Karl Rove and Juan Williams had a tense exchange where Rove saw protesting outside homes as intimidation—a way to influence the Court’s decision over contentious issues. Despite this, however, Williams believed in a right to protest anywhere.

“You have a right to protest anywhere in America,” Williams said. “Now clearly, these people should not be violent, and they shouldn’t threaten…” Then, referring to Roe v. Wade, Williams justified the anger that would lead some to protest the Justices.

“I think it’s about a Supreme Court that’s become radical, and extremist, and activist,” Williams said, “and is going to put out a decision that’s going to—believe me—polarize this country. Undo 50 years of law!”

Rove immediately disagreed and pounced. He questioned how it is right to intimidate a Justice just because one disagrees with a prospective decision?

Williams didn’t take the bait, saying that no one would defend the unsettling act of someone coming to another’s door and demonstrating; however, “the right to protest is essential to America.” Williams then continued to say that protesting outside of one’s home is a reality in politics.”

“It’s not a good reality,” Rove shot back.

Are they both right?

This isn’t the first time these two have gone at each other’s throats. In a segment back in 2012 on the different economic plans between then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney and then-President Barack Obama, Rove told Williams that he couldn’t make up his mind, while Williams told him that he needs to read.

It appears these two have a long history together. Arguing, after all, is healthy for any relationship.