Kanye West WON’T Be On South Carolina Ballot, Despite Hosting First Rally In the State

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Rapper Kanye West sent Twitter into meltdown when he first announced that he would be running as a presidential candidate in the November 2020 elections. Since then, he’s gone on his own Twitter meltdown after it was revealed that he won’t be on the ballot in many states, including South Carolina.

The famous rapper, who once supported President Donald Trump, failed to qualify for the South Carolina ballot after not delivering the necessary 10,000 signatures by midday on Monday. Chris Whitmire, an election official in South Carolina, told Fox News that the necessary paperwork and petition was not submitted by West or any of his representatives.

On the same day, West went into a meltdown on Twitter, claiming that is wife Kim Kardashian had attempted to get him locked up. It was also reported by People that Kardashian was “furious” with her husband for talking about their child North during a campaign rally.

Kanye West appeared to be mentally unstable on July 20, firing off several tweets telling his followers that his wife wasn’t supporting him, that she was trying to get doctors to help him, and making nonsensical references to a sex tape that Kardashian once appeared in.

Not one part of this story makes sense.

West was committed to appearing on the ballot paper just days ago. On July 18, he tweeted a list of places where people could sign up to offer their support and get him on the ballot paper in South Carolina. He also included a list where people can sign on his website.

The fact that the papers weren’t turned in could mean that he didn’t obtain the 10,000 signatures he needed, or could simply mean that he decided against it. Or, during his Twitter rampage, was compromised and incapable of thinking straight.

Who knows?

TMZ reports that West’s family and friends are concerned and upset about him after he appeared to break down while discussing the topic of abortion. Not only did he admit that his father wanted to abort him before he was born, but West even said he nearly aborted his own child.