Kanye West Kicked From Several Midwest Ballots, Campaign In Chaos

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Kanye West, the rapper who announced late in the game that he was running as an independent candidate for president, has been booted from several Midwest ballots. It throws his campaign into even more chaos and guarantees that he has no path to victory in November even if people actually wanted to vote for him.

The former Trump support has struggled to meet deadlines in various states so far, but will appear on the ballot in Vermont, Utah, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arkansas. He currently has applications pending in Minnesota, Tennessee, Missouri, and Iowa.

He has, however, already been denied by Illinois. On Friday, the state’s Board of Elections ruled that West did not meet the required number of signatures to appear on the ballot. West was also denied by Wisconsin’s Board of Elections last week, according to NBC News.

West once again did not achieve the number of signatures necessary to appear on the ballot, and may even have missed the deadline entirely.

NBC reported how West faced several challenges to appear on the ballot in Wisconsin, including questions about the veracity of the signatures he filed.

For those who thought that West might be running to try and divert some of the black vote from the Democrats and help Donald Trump, this is bad news. Donald Trump won Wisconsin in 2016, but not by a big margin – just 23,000 votes. If West’s strategy really was to win over enough Democrat-voting African Americans to help Trump win, then this would have been the state to do it.

West was also denied in Ohio. However, it wasn’t just a matter of missing a deadline. A judge in the state said that the signatures and information provided on the nominating petition for West didn’t match the documents used for petitions signed by the voters. It means that people who signed for him to appear on the ballot may not have even known who they were nominating in the first place.

We all know that West won’t win in November, but the rapper seems to have taken the knocks on the chin and is ploughing ahead. His campaign truly is in chaos, but his positivity seems to know no bounds. He did say, after all, that he can beat Joe Biden with write-ins.

We’ll see!