Kanye Officially On Oklahoma Ballot Paper for November Presidential Election

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- After rumors started spreading that Kanye West was backing out of the presidential race, it was confirmed on Thursday that “Kanye 2020” will appear on the Oklahoma ballot. The famous rapper, who was once a supporter of President Donald Trump, managed to file the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission just in time to be confirmed as a candidate on the list.

A representative of Kanye West successfully filed the paperwork and paid the $35,000 fee on Wednesday afternoon – which was the final deadline. A spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Board of Elections, Misha Mohr, said that West is one of three independent candidates to have successfully paid the filing fee and submitted the necessary paperwork by the Wednesday deadline.

West will be on the paper alongside Donald Trump and Joe Biden, as well as a cryptocurrency enthusiast Brock Pierce and Jade Simmons, a concert pianist. Why they’re running for president I guess most people will never know…

The Oklahoma State Election Board published a tweet on Wednesday announcing the news.

It’s not clear what the future holds for Kanye West’s presidential dreams, however. The rapper famously announced his “Birthday Party,” a hypothetical political party he invented that he represents in his independent campaign. His Twitter has been full of cryptic references to his campaign but as of yet, there has been little in the way of policy or strategy.

Just days ago, a representative of his campaign team suggested that Kanye was out of the race, with one of the reasons being that he is months late on filing in many key states. Steve Kramer, one of West’s advisers, said West is “out.”

One thing is for sure, though. If West does go ahead with this campaign, it’s going to upset the Democrats. There’s no doubt that he will take some of the Trump vote, but he’s also likely to take many black votes away from Joe Biden. But that probably isn’t hard, especially when Biden told black voters that they “ain’t black” if they can’t choose between him and Trump.