Kamala Harris, Who Once Touted Herself As California’s ‘Top Cop,’ Now Doesn’t Support Police

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, has flip flopped her stance on police presence.

When she was the district attorney in San Francisco, Harris once said that a strong police presence helps to reduce crime. Now, though, she has changed her stance, saying law enforcement must be reimagined in communities that experience high crime.

Dana Bash of CNN asked Harris whether she supported a stronger police presence in cities, and Harris responded:

“I am very clear that we have got to, in America, reimagine how we are accomplishing public safety. If you go into any upper-class suburb in America, you will not see police presence, but what you will see are well-funded public schools, high rates of home ownerships [and] small businesses that have access to capital.”

Bash pressed Harris on whether she still supported her former position on police presence, the California Senator skirted the issue. She instead said:

“What I would say now is what I would say then, which is I want to make sure that if a woman is raped, a child is molested or one human being murders another human being that there will be a police officer that responds to that case and that there will be accountability and consequences for the offender.”

Harris wrote a book in 2009 called “Smart on Crime.” In it, she said it’s a “myth” that poor neighborhoods don’t want more police in their area. She also supported stronger policing in city streets.

But now, as Joe Biden’s running mate, Harris has moved far to the left on the issue. Part of the reason for doing so is that her former position actually aligns with the views of President Donald Trump and Republicans — and that wouldn’t look good to Harris’ ultra-progressive supporters.

And so, apparently for political reasons only, Harris has decided that a stronger police presence all of a sudden would not work in America. Harris has taken it as far as suggesting that her followers support the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed out people who were charged with violent acts and looting in Minneapolis. This was all done following the death of George Floyd while he was in custody of police.

Trump and Republicans have consistently criticized the Biden-Harris campaign for not denouncing the riots that have erupted across the country in response to police violence. They’ve also attacked the Democrats for not being supportive enough of law enforcement officers, choosing instead to back calls for a complete overhaul of law enforcement.

Some of those plans are calling for cities to completely defund their police departments, shifting that money to other community programs.

It’s an interesting move for Harris, who said at a New York delegation breakfast at the last Democratic National Convention that, “I now stand before you as the top cop of the biggest state in the country.”

Steve Phillips, the host of a podcast on politics, explained that:

“Kamala’s relationship with law enforcement is, as they say, complicated. For better or worse, for her entire career, she very much built her brand and defined herself as a law enforcement officer.”