Kamala Harris’ Latest Admission Draws Ire Of Nation

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Far-let Vice President Kamala Harris has already proved to be the least popular vice president in recent American history, with her approval ratings plummeting to almost 20% towards the end of last year. Since then, those numbers have risen slightly to around 40% – which is roughly the same as President Joe Biden – but that hasn’t stopped people comparing her to Jimmy Carter.

Yes, Jimmy Carter, the man considered the worst president in living history.

During a recent interview on PBS’ News Hour, Harris once again parroted the false narrative that Republicans incited a “violent insurrection” on January 6 last year. She also described a “level of malaise” among the American public as we approach the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then attempted to paint the Biden administration as a successful one.

She talked about how Democrats had created “six million new jobs in 2021” – which isn’t really true. These jobs that she claims are being “created” are really just businesses finally getting back on their feet and re-hiring people they lost during the pandemic due to the disastrous lockdowns. She also praised the widely criticized $1 trillion infrastructure bill that the Democrats successfully passed back in November – a bill that has so far failed to produce any noticeable results.

Except for worsening inflation and increased national debt, that is…

Harris’ “malaise” comment was reminiscent of former President Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” speech in 1979, which he delivered at a time when the country was facing a major energy crisis, a struggling economy, and rising inflation. That sounds an awful lot like what Americans are suffering through right now…

Carter told the U.S. at the time that the issues that threatened American democracy were “nearly invisible in ordinary ways.”

Reporters left and right noticed how Harris’ comments were so similar to those made by Carter, including Ezra Klein at the Washington Post, who noted that soon after his speech, Carter fired much of his staff.

That’s eerily similar to Harris…in the sense that members of her staff are just upping and leaving anyway.