Kamala Harris Bursts Into Laughter After Interviewer Calls Her Out On Camera

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Remember when Joe Biden promised during his presidential campaign that he would “shut down the virus, not the economy”?

Well, apparently the left-wing media remembers it – and they’re actually holding the Biden administration to account over it.

During an interview on CBS Mornings with Gayle King last week, Vice President Kamala Harris was pushed on the promises that both she and Joe Biden ran on in 2020.

King quoted the president’s own words:

“We are going to get COVID under control, we are going to get this licked,” she said.

But King also pointed out that, as they sat there and did the interview, the country is entering year three of the pandemic and people are still talking about the virus.

She told Harris that the virus is not under control and then asked her what the government’s strategy now is.

“And have you come to the point that we have all got to figure out how to live with COVID?” she also asked.

It prompted one of the vice president’s trademark cackles; a loud laugh that usually signals that Harris doesn’t know what to say and doesn’t have an answer to offer anyway.


What is with that?

Did Harris really think that Biden had a plan, and did she really think their administration would do a better job than the Trump administration?

When we say that the left-wing media is holding her to account, but the way, we really just mean that they’re…asking the question. Did you notice how they even tried to give Harris a get-out clause, asking her if it’s time to accept to just live with the virus?

Former President Donald Trump would never have been granted that luxury during an interview…