Judicial Watch Reports Bill Clinton Took Confidential Tapes From White House Without Consequence

(PresidentialInsider.com)- In the wake of the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, Judicial Watch posted a video of its president Tom Fitton recounting its 2012 legal case to gain access to White House audio tapes that were kept in former President Bill Clinton’s sock drawer after he left the White House and how that decade-old court ruling may help the Trump team in its fight.

The 2012 court ruling, issued by US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, rejected Judicial Watch’s request to obtain the recordings, arguing that the tapes, recorded by Mr. Clinton and historian Taylor Branch during his administration, belonged to Bill Clinton, despite the recordings including a broad range of presidential matters.

Judge Jackson ruled that the National Archives did not have the power to “seize control of them” because Clinton had used his authority under the Presidential Records Act to claim the recordings as part of his personal records.

Fitton believes the Trump team can use Judge Jackson’s ruling to its advantage in the ongoing battle with the Justice Department and the National Archives over the documents seized by the FBI.

Watch the video: