Judge Requires U.S. Government To Pay $230 Million To Texas Mass Shooting Victims

(PresidentialInsider.com)- United States District Judge Xavier Rodriguez just ruled that the U.S. federal government must hand out over $230 million in damages to the survivors and family members of the victims of the 2017 mass shooting that took place in a Texas church, resulting in the deaths of 26 people.

The tragic shooting, committed by former Air Force airman Devin Patrick Keller, was ruled to be 60% the fault of the United States government. The judge also ruled that Kelley was 40% responsible for the shooting, and that he used firearms that he should never have been allowed to purchase after admitting to engaging in domestic assault to a court martial in 2012.

The preceding court case revealed how the Air Force had failed to enter his admission into a database that is used for background checks, meaning that Kelley would never have been able to have committed the shooting with that specific gun had the Air Force done its job.

Kelley, aged 26 at the time of the attack at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, injured a further 22 people in the shooting when he opened fire during a Sunday service. He later shot himself in the head and died after being chased by the police.

Rodriguez said in a 185-page decision that the government has attempted to “obfuscate its responsibility” by taking a “no-fault” approach to the matter of damages.

The ruling means that more than 80 people will be awarded money by the federal government.