Judge Jeanine Says All Political Divisions Right Now Point To Hillary Clinton

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Popular Fox News host Jeanine Pirro appeared on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum on Monday, arguing that much of the troubles that the United States has experienced in recent years are actually former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s fault.

Pirro, who co-host “The Five” on Fox, referenced a court filing by Special Counsel John Durham that reveals how attorneys representing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign hired a tech company to access non-public internet data and spy on the Trump campaign. The company allegedly monitored communications coming in and out of Trump Tower in New York City, which was Trump’s private residential address at the time. The same team of tech experts also reportedly monitored communications from the Trump White House on behalf of Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

“I mean, this is surveillance of servers to a Russian bank connected to Putin to make it look like the president of the United States is a Putin puppet and a Russian asset,” Pirro said during the interview. She slammed it as a “conspiracy of enormous levels.”

And it is.

If it’s true, Hillary Clinton and her attorneys could well be facing prison time. That’s presumably why the mainstream media has yet to cover it fully.

Pirro also said that Hillary Clinton’s decision to push the Russia hoax caused so much division in American society that didn’t need to happen…because the Russian collusion she alleged Trump was involved with didn’t happen.

“You had families that didn’t speak to each other because “Donald Trump is a Putin puppet.” This is all at the behest of Hillary Clinton. It all comes back to Hillary Clinton, the people who worked on her campaign, the funding that went through her campaign that paid for these individuals…” she said.

She’s not wrong, is she?