Judge Jeanine obliterates ‘pathetic’ Schiff

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Popular Fox News host Jeanine Pirro blasted far-left Rep. Adam Schiff on Wednesday. During an episode of The Five, Pirro slammed Schiff’s appearance on The View in which he was probed about his dissemination of the false information contained in the Steele Dossier.

Schiff was grilled by co-host Morgan Ortagus, who called him out for promoting a dossier that contained blatantly false information about the former president and which was used by the media to smear him throughout the entirety of his first term in the White House.

“He’s a sack of Schiff,” Pirro joked. “I think he’s a pathetic individual and I don’t believe a word he says.”

In case you haven’t seen the clip in question, take a look below. It’s brutal. Ortagus slams him for his involvement and even though he tries to worm his way out of it, and excuse his behavior, she nails him at the end.


And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Pirro laid into Schiff and said that he was responsible for dividing the country using the false information.

“We hated each other in America,” Pirro explained. “Families did not talk to each other about Russia collusion….and they are still talking about it as though Russia, and not China, is the biggest enemy of the United States at this point.”

Conservative podcast host David Theus also had some choice word for the man on Twitter, describing how he knew that the premise of the dossier – which claimed former President Donald Trump had worked with Russia to conspire to win the 2016 presidential election – was false from the beginning.

“He knew the premise of the dossier was false at its inception, he knew the FISA Warrants were not legal based on the false dossier, and yet he continued to promulgate the lie to the American people daily. One must have credibility, for it to be in question,” he said.

Triple ouch.