Judge Denies Request to Move Accused Michigan School Shooter to Youth Facility

(PresidentialInsider.com)- The Michigan school shooter will not be moved from the jail he’s currently being housed in to a juvenile center.

On Monday, the lawyers for 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley, who has been charged with many counts for what is the deadliest school shooting in the United States this year, tried to get a judge to move their client to a juvenile center.

His legal team argued that his emotional, physical and mental health is not being served well by holding him in Oakland County jail. While there, he’s being isolated from the other inmates.

They also argued that Crumbley, who is being charged as an adult, would not pose a threat to other juveniles if he were transferred to a youth facility.

Arguing on the other side was Marc Keast, the assistance prosecutor in Oakland County. He told Judge Nancy Carniak on Monday that he couldn’t imagine putting Crumbley in a facility for juveniles.

Crumbley is being held without bail right now as he’s being charged as an adult with seriously injuring six people and killing four students during the November 30 shooting at Oxford High School. He has pleaded not guilty.

In issuing her ruling, Carniak said:

“I still feel strongly that his conduct could be a menace to other juveniles. I think his placement is appropriate in the adult facility.”

As such, Crumbley will remain housed at the adult facility in the Oakland County jail.

Crumbley’s lawyers continued to argue that by moving their client to a youth facility, he’d be able to continue his education. They also called the shooting an “isolated incident.”

In addition, they said that Crumbley could hear adults from where he’s being held in the clinic in the jail.

In response, Keast said he’d contact officials at the jail to “make sure the defendant is not within sight or sound of adults at the Oakland County Jail.”

Crumbley, who didn’t speak much during the hearing on Monday, is facing 24 charges for his role in the deadly mass shooting on November 30. The next hearing in his case is currently scheduled for January 7.

Among the charges he’s facing are terrorism causing death (one count), first-degree murder (four counts), assault with the intent to kill (seven counts) and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony (12 counts).

If he were convicted on all counts, Crumbley would likely face the possibility of spending the rest of his life in jail.

In a separate case, his parents — Jennifer and James — are also facing charges of involuntary manslaughter for their roles in the incident. Prosecutors are alleging that they were reckless in their actions before the shooting and in giving their son access to the semi-automatic weapon he used in the shooting.

Both of his parents have pleaded not guilty in their case. They’re being held on $500,000 bail each.

Since none of the family members have paid the bail yet, they are all currently being housed in separate parts of Oakland County Jail.