Joy Reid Loses Half Her TV Audience

( According to Nielsen, the Joy Reid-hosted MSNBC show “ReidOut” completed April with a record-low viewership, down 51 percent from when the show first premiered in July 2020.

According to Fox News, 1.1 million people tuned in to “ReidOut” each night in April, the lowest number in the program’s history and the lowest ever.

In April, every Fox News Channel weekday program outdrew “The ReidOut.”

1.08 million people watched “ReidOut” as 2.05 million people watched “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

According to Fox, a further 57 percent of its audience among adults aged 25-54 was lost to “ReidOut,” which had an average of 124,000 viewers in April.

On Friday, Joy Reid had 109,000 viewers in that highly sought-after advertiser category, while Jesse Watters had more than three times that figure.

“ReidOut” was said to be on its way out in January, but a spokeswoman for the network said that “that claim is completely false.”

Even though Reid’s show didn’t get many people throughout April, she managed to make headlines with a series of outrageous pronouncements.

Reid is among the most ardent true believers for the left, playing the role of attack dog for the sake of the party.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the upcoming owner of Twitter, was targeted by her in a rant this week, during which she claimed he “missed” apartheid in South Africa. The host of “The ReidOut,” along with her guest Jason Johnson, slammed Musk while criticizing conservatives as “outsiders to the society” who would miss being able to intimidate “clever” liberals who were quitting Twitter.

Reid also stated on Twitter that conservatives want to be free to punch someone in the face and then laugh about their actions.

After being photographed with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, R., during the signing of legislation banning critical race theory curriculum, Reid sparked outrage by saying that Black children associated with retired NFL player Jack Brewer’s foundation had been victims of child abuse.

During a “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment on Tuesday, Gov. Brewer stated that the young people seen with him are “children of God” who do not deserve to be publicly assaulted on national television by the left-wing commentator. He demanded that Reid either apologize or face the possibility of being sued for slander.

Early this month, she stated that ending mask mandates was akin to letting a-holes triumph, and she has also produced a video on her TikTok account in which she chastises those who continue to push her to explain what it means to be a woman.

As part of her argument, she tweeted a thread condemning the Republican Party and asserting that they are attempting to appeal to the most intense fears of white Christian parents as part of their political strategy. She claimed that Republicans are now appealing to a pro-rape and pro-child marriage base.

Moreover, Reid asserted that Republicans are forcing women to be child-birthing slaves of the state and that Republicans are banning the teaching of slavery in schools.